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Karen M. Winkfield, MD, PhD is a practicing Radiation Oncologist in Winston-Salem, NC.  A radiation oncologist is a doctor who uses x-rays to treat cancer.

Growing up on Long Island, NY as the youngest of 7 children, she graduated from Binghamton University with a BS in Biochemistry. She was later accepted into the Medical Scientist Training Program at Duke University where, after 8 years, she was awarded two degrees – an MD and a PhD. 

Dr. Winkfield is a thoughtful, caring clinician who specializes in the treatment of cancers involving blood cells.  These cancers include lymphoma, leukemia, and multiple myeloma.  She also treats patients who need radiation therapy as part of their treatment for breast cancer.

After training in the Harvard Radiation Oncology Program, Dr. Winkfield began her radiation practice at an academic center in Massachusetts and was promoted to Assistant Professor after a few years of practice.  In addition to her clinical practice, Dr. Karen (as she is known in the community) has a passion for outreach and education.  Through her current research and community outreach, she seeks to identify and overcome factors that contribute to disparities in cancer outcomes. She hopes to develop a platform for discussion that will enable accurate and timely dispersal of clinical information in the community, address cultural barriers to accessing and accepting appropriate cancer care, and encourage policymakers to invest in initiatives designed to address inequalities in the health care delivery system.  


Dr. Winkfield recently returned to NC where her new job allows her to focus on championing cancer health equity for all. 


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